Public Health and Research Learning Opportunity online

Dr Amirul Islam, with his teaching and research experience in Epidemiology and Bio-statistics from a few world-class universities including his current position at Swinburne University of Technology and previous positions at The University of Melbourne, The University of Western Australia and National University of Singapore would like to conduct a training program with a series of online lectures and practical tasks. This training program introduces learners to key concepts in (i) modern epidemiology, and (ii) application of appropriate research design and analytical techniques to conduct high-quality research in public health domains. The program develops learners’ capability in (iii) measuring diseases and quantifies the factors associated with the disease, (iv) critically assessing health-related reports, (v) conduct an appropriate literature review, (vi) develop research proposals using appropriate research methodology, (vii) write scientific reports and manuscripts, and (viii) be able to conduct their own research projects at a small scale. Primary contact address: Md. Arzan hosen arzan.hosen@orcdbd.org

Dr. Amirul Islam Contact address:  amirulnarail@gmail.com (preferred) or fislam@swin.edu.au. Email’s subject: Research Training. We are trying to establish this online platform within short time.